Elite Education Group - a member of the World Economic Forum

Starting 2018, Elite Education Group has officially become a member of the World Economic Forum.  In supporting the Forum's mission to create a community of leaders committed to tackling global issues through public-private cooperation, Elite plans to join the initiatives focusing on issues that will drive development of education that matches the needs of the future. 

Elite is currently collaborating with the WEF on the challenge around revolutionizing education to prepare students for the 4th industrial revolution already well underway around the world. Today we see unthinkable acceleration in robotics, automation, AI and machine learning, biotech, genomics, etc. The changes to come to global industry in the next 30 years demands we prepare our children for jobs and industries that may not even exist now with skills and minds to adapt. 

How will our children adapt and succeed in a wildly different future? Creativity. Creativity will mark the success and survival of our children if we are able to instill and train them with it.  And it’s already happening - top schools and even Ivy League admission trends confirm creativity as the marker for potential to overcome challenges of the future. Advanced communication, problem solving, critical thinking, team-management, emotional intelligence, decision making, cognitive flexibility - All we want for our children stems from teaching creativity.

How do we do it? We certainly cannot do it with the mass-literacy based education systems of the assembly line and mass production of the 1900’s. We cannot do it with students limited to rigid boundaries of traditional school systems across the world. We need a total shift, not just in thinking, but also in practice for a long-overdue modern education and Elite Education Group, now as part of the community of leaders of the Forum, is poised to lead the way to revolutionize efficient, effective and accessible schooling that is focused on creativity.

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